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Privacy Policy & Terms

I am not going to bombard you with hard to understand legal sounding terms. I will simply give you our privacy policy in laymen terms.


Any words used such as "us", "we", "our", "I", "me", "my", "myself" are all meant to be geared towards the business name to mean Budget-Kids (aka budget-Kids.com and/or budgetkids).


Your information: During the ordering process, we will have details available to us that you may not want publicized like shipping addresses, name, phone numbers, etc. We wouldn't want our personal information shared either. We will NEVER sell or freely give information, in whole or part, away to others for any monetary or non-monetary reason what so ever. It is your information and it will stay your information.


Marketing: For marketing and advertising reasons, your general data might be included as data. No specific order or personal data will be included. For example, we may place an advertisement such as "We have sold to over 35 countries on all continents, with 10,000 orders being shipped yearly". That statement does not give away any personal or order data in anyway, however your order is in the mix of the countries sold to and total orders shipped. Understand that we may sue your information for this purpose.


Legal: Understand that I sell official LEGO products. I do not represent LEGO nor are we affiliated in legal matters with LEGO, we only resell their products. If any lawsuits both regular court and/or class action, we are not to be included in these types of problems or legal issue(s). If you visit and/or order from my store then you relinquish your rights to include us in any legal proceedings that deal with LEGO and its companies.


Warning: Lego toys are small. They are small enough to cause death in young children if chocked on. Please keep all small toys from young children. If you are looking to purchase toys for young children, please make sure to purchase the larger LEGO style toys such as DUPLO, Primo, and Quatro. Make sure the type of LEGO purchased is a suitable size and safety for the child it will be played with. As per the legal paragraph; If a child chokes on and is or is not injured from it, you relinquish your rights to any legal actions against us. All legal matters due to manufacturing of the products need to be directed to the LEGO Company and not resellers such as myself.


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