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About Us:

Here at Budget-Kids.com, we don't treat you like customers, but as family. We feel the only way to sell products filled with love, joy, and creativity is to be treated as family. We care about our family more than anything else just like you.

We (my wife and I) started out collecting LEGO parts as a hobby. Our beautiful children would sit around our living room table and we would all build and imagine great creations. As we continued to grow our LEGO collection, we decided we would sell parts as a hobby to help fund our family's passion.

Needless to say, our hobby turned into a legal business very soon after that. We have been a legal business operating in Mankato, Minnesota since October 1st 2013. We are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service to everyone who we encounter.


Mission Statement:

“To provide cost effective LEGO parts with the largest variety of both new and used quality for all individuals worldwide”


Vision Statement:

“Be the largest LEGO reseller in the world!”



Communication - Always open and friendly

Simplicity - Easy to understand, order from, and policies

Honesty - If we make a mistake, we own it

Environmentally Friendly - A better future for our children


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