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Item condition

Smoke free & Pet free: My house is both smoke and pet free (Unless a few fish count). I can guarantee all new products are kept in this environment. Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee this for used LEGO products. New and used products are stored separately to not accidentally contaminate the new ones. If the past owner smoked or had a pet, we are unable to control this. I do make an effort to clean used products to try and keep pet and smoke out of the products.

New: If an item is marked as "New" then it was either purchased in a manufacturer sealed bag/box. Or it was purchased directly from LEGO.com or the LEGO pick-a-brick wall. Some parts may have minor surface scratches from sliding around on a counting table or by just being stored with other LEGO bricks. There will be no damage and only very minor surface scratches.

Used: All used LEGO products are just that, used. Even if a LEGO was played with once by me, all the way to buying them used from another source that played with them for years. We do however make an effort to keep physically damaged parts out of our shop. If an item is physically damaged it normally does not go in our shop. If an item in our shop is damaged and for sale, we will place a note on it describing the damage.

Faded: Faded LEGO products is a pet peeve of mine. I personally do not like to buy faded parts. If I buy 100 white bricks I expect them to be white, not cream colored due to age or smoke. We do not sell severely faded products. Some may be a shade or two off, but still hold its color unless otherwise stated on the items notes.



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