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Loyalty Program

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     Our motto states "You're not a customer you're family". To show our support for this motto, I have decided to enact a loyalty program for our customers because I want to treat you like family. If you had a family member who owned a business they would surely give you discounts so that is exactly what we are doing.


Loyalty Program Details:
     Your first order will enroll you into the loyalty program. A 5% coupon will be sent to you once your first order is completed. Then every order thereafter the percent will go up one point to a max of 15% off coupon.
1st order with us: Enrollment in program and sent a 5% coupon for next order.
2nd order: 6% off coupon
3rd order: 7% off coupon
All future orders: continue to rise 1% off per order up to a max of 15% off.


Note: To use coupons, when you are at my store page. at the top right it will say "Checkout" and "View cart". Make sure you click "view cart" this is where you will be able to see and sue your coupons for my store.



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